Le message de John Connolly, Grand Prix littéraire du web étranger

Voici le mail que nous a envoyé John Connolly losrqu’il a appris qu’il avait gagné le prix dans la catégorie meilleur roman étranger:

« I am very honoured, and very touched, to receive this award
for The Book of Lost Things.  This odd little book, a novel
about stories and the power they have to shape our
consciousness, to impart knowledge, and to make the travails
of this world both a little more understandable, and a
little more bearable, is very personal to me, and I am very
fond, and very protective, of it.  I have described it as a
book about childhood for adults, although one of the
pleasures for me, since its publication, has been to see
teenagers approach me holding battered paperback copies to
be signed, and to hear how that this book has made those
awkward, difficult years a little easier to bear in some
way.  We read stories for a great many reasons: to be
entertained, to escape from our world into another, to
inhabit entirely the consciousness of another for a brief
time, but I think we also read them to look for signs that
we are not
alone, that our experiences, particularly the difficult
ones, are both specific to us and yet also universal, and so
some consolation and support may be gained from the writings
of another. When that occurs, it is as though the writer
reaches out from the page and gently touches our hand,
whispering to us that we are not alone, that we are
understood, and we may perhaps derive some small solace from
this fact.
But just as we read in the hope of understanding and, in
turn, being understood, so too writers write in the hope of
understanding, and being understood, and every reader who
tells us that a book of ours has meant something to
them is a source of consolation and reassurance.  To receive
a prize like this one, containing within it many such
voices, brings me great pleasure, and makes the job of
writing the book in hand that much easier.  Thank you to you

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