Chroniques de la Rentrée Littéraire is a website for French book enthusiasts. The website gives detailed suggestions and recommendations on everything you need to know about French books in either print or the upcoming ones. Through the website, you also get to find out what French book are currently being translated to other languages especially into English and which ones are waiting for translation.

Chroniques de la Rentrée Littéraire keeps you updated on all the happening in the world of French literature. These are happenings like different awards, events and venues for all the literary writers and books. If you want to keep up with your favorite writer, then visit our website and read everything there is to know about them. Read about the history, achievements, book reviews and what to expect next from them.

Keep updated about all the genres of French history by reading our website. If you want to know who is writing in the academics, you will find it in our website. Need to know the best French romantic writer, find it in our website. Generally, anything and everything about French books and literature is in our website.


The mission of Chroniques de la Rentrée Littéraire is to keep you informed about the French culture and literature. We will tell you everything from what books are selling big in the market to books with the worst covers ever. Every information related to anything about books, you will find it in our website.

We go into detail to explain about the awards and keep you knowledgeable about any news regarding literature as it happens. We follow all the Prix news, give you they award winners remarks, share any controversies during the award ceremonies and the like.
In this month of November, there were presentations of several awards to various authors for their outstanding work. Find out from our website, all the prizes awarded, the genres that got the prizes and what to expect next.

The Future

The future can only look brighter for Chroniques de la Rentrée Littéraire as we thrive to get more and more people stay on the events of French culture and literature. We want to make our sight more creative, better accessible and to have every article translated for ease of understanding for the non-French speakers and readers. We believe everyone has a right to read what he or she enjoys most. We will make sure our insights on various books and their genres reach out everywhere.

There is power in knowledge. We are providing you with that power by going out of our way to bring everything to your screen. All you need to do is click on our website and read it all.


In 2009, a group of lecturers, bloggers, some French writers, and some personalities from the media and other people from the public started Chroniques de la Rentrée Littéraire. It started as a small entity but now mostly French speaking persons read it all over the world. It however serves everyone whether you speak French or not.