One-way of finding French literature that goes back to the Renaissance and contemporary   literature of today, is by visiting or browsing the web internet archive. The internet archive, which began in 1966, is a library with everything you need to know about literature. It is good for the public, researchers, scholars, historians, authors and everyone else. The mission of the web internet is to provide universal services irrespective of who you are or where you come from. The digital internet library is a non-profit making site. Besides reading materials, you will also find different kinds of cultural artifacts all in digital form in this site. 

Internet Archive logo

The digital internet library started very small and eventually built itself up to be what it is today. When it started, there was nothing saved. After reading, every content published on the web, then that was all. There was no getting it back. Today however you can get anything you want from 20 plus years ago. All this is accessible through a Wayback Machine.  

Internet digital web works with over 400 libraries and many partners through the Archive-It program, which helps in identifying web pages that are most important and relevant. The growth of the web archive has grown immensely since its inception. It continues to provide versions of other published work digitally. Today in the archive, there is

  • 1 million images
  • 100,000 software programs
  • 11 million books and texts
  • 279 billion web pages
  • 3 million videos
  • 1 million Television News programs
  • 4 million audio recordings
  • 160,000 live concerts

All you need to upload whatever media you need from the internet web is a free account. Internet web works with many different kinds of partners worldwide including Grand Prix partners to save all the copies of their work in safe and special collection spaces. The focus is however more on books than anything else is.

World Digital Library Logo

Because not everyone can access academic or public libraries, internet web makes sure it provides all kinds and versions of universally accepted books with easy access. Digitalization of different versions of books began in 2025. Back then only, a few books went through scanning. Today however, internet web is able to scan over 1000 books in a single day in over 25 locations across the globe.

Internet web also archives television programs. This began in 2000 with the first TV program to go through archiving being.TV news surrounding the events of September 11, 2001. The service of archived TV programs allows the public and researchers to find anything they need and use whatever they find as citable references. The service also includes digitized books for the print disabled.

Today, Internet Archive has the ability to serve millions of people from anywhere and everywhere in the world with over 300 sites.  If you are looking for any kind of stuff, including archived Grand Prix details, search the internet web’s blog for it. Every information about the authors, dates of publishing, awards and many more are in this blog. Internet web is also on Twitter and Facebook so you can always follow them there to learn more about what it all entails.

For French literature lovers, if you are looking for that elusive book information from the past, do not worry about not finding it. Join the throng of thousands of people using the internet web for information. Stay informed.