The Frankfurt Book Fair 2017

Big names in the literary world graced the book fair.

The Frankfurt fair is the worlds most recognized and largest book fair that attracts readers and writers from all over the world. The Frankfurt book fair is also a place where many people get to meet and rub shoulders with their favorite authors. Attendees also get to listen to lectures from several renowned authors, listen to book readings and have their books signed.

This year, the book fair saw a larger number of visitors than it has in other past years. It ran on for a week before coming to a close amid many differences and issues. The agenda for this year’s book fair was on digitalization and politics. The French Prime Minister, Emmanuel Macron, opened the book fair officially with a moving speech. Angela Markel, the German Chancellor also gave a speech during the opening.

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French Authors

France is a land of mysteries, intrigue, fun and paradox.


Voltaire is arguably one of the most controversial and best French literary authors. Most of his writings evoked mixed emotions due to their critical nature. Born as Francois Marie Arouet, on November 21, 1694 in Paris, Voltaire enjoyed middle class up bringing since his father was a notary. When Voltaire was seven years, he lost his mother, which turned him into a rebel towards his father and siblings. He found refuge with his free-thinker godfather Abbe Chateauneuf.

Albert Camus

Born on November 7, 1913, Camus was a French Algerian national. He was born before the beginning of the First World War. His parents Lucien Auguste Camus and Catherine Hélène Sintés were semi-proletariat. His father died when he was still an infant and he grew up with his grandmother in the suburbs of Algiers. He attended his early education at the local EcoleCommunale, where one of the teachers spotted him and told the grandmother to allow young Camus to study.

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