From the onset, it is pretty clear that Laura Nsafou has one very important message to all the amazing black girls all over the world:

They should learn to love and appreciate themselves and their natural hair. This is a movement that she has been championing all her life and she is a living proof that the colored girl child can actually prosper.

Her life is the living proof of the stigmatization that black girls face in our society today. Her latest book has put her on the world stage and nobody can silence her voice anymore.

Rough Childhood

Growing up, Laura Nsafou was a typical black girl living in France, except her life wasn’t that typical. She faced a lot of bullying.

Other kids teased her because of her nose and hair. Even though she tried her best to brush it off, the constant tormenting was proving too much to bear. One incident however shook her to the core and she rushed home to her mom begging for her to relive her off her beautiful braids. The bullying had gotten physical and one of the girls had actually pulled down Laura’s hair. It was at this moment that her mom realized that she had to be a source of strength for her young daughter. She refused to remove the braids and told her to love and accept herself.

Developing A Voice

She was using her voice and freedom of expression in the best way she knew.

It was this bitter-sweet pill that led Laura to start her blog chronicling racial and sexism issues as she saw them. She was using her voice and freedom of expression in the best way she knew how; through writing. This, however, was not her first attempt at putting pen to paper. She had already published her first novel but wasn’t feeling particularly content with it. No sooner had her writing career started than it was on the rocks and she was almost giving up. The blog was the only surviving glimmer of hope.

Luckily, an angel in the form of Bilibok Publishers came across her blog and they were impressed. They wanted her to write a book that will help millions of black girls around the world take pride in their beautiful black hair that is “like a million butterflies asleep on her (their) head.” Finally, she had gotten a chance to express her ideas exactly like she wanted to without fear of whether they will be accepted or not.

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Warm Reception

The book owes its release to crowd funding

To her surprise, the reception was overwhelming. In fact, the book owes its release to crowd funding by the huge number of people who

believed in her and her work.

People who were lurking in the shadows came out to support her and help her enlighten the world. For so long, the problems that children are facing had been ignored and Laura was finally shining a light on them. Everyone was lauding her efforts. Even though she does her best to advocate for all children, black girls are the ones who are having it rougher. If she was able to weather through all the bullying and hair-pulling and come out stronger than ever, she can inspire millions others to do the same.


Laura is finally teaching the word that all kids regardless of their color or hair deserve.

Of course a little criticism had to be expected. There are those who felt (and still feel) like the other kids were neglected yet white kids have always been the subject of most children narratives. Laura is finally teaching the word that all kids regardless of their color or hair deserve an equal piece of the world. Her question “Do people want to teach children that some of them are invisible?” puts it all into perspective.

In a place where black girls where accustomed to hiding their face in their hair both figuratively and literally while getting teased for it, they finally have a voice they can rely on; a voice they are sure will not stop until they are appreciated as they truly deserve.

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